Batsaykhan is the reincarnation of the first project to be edited by Favela Discos, a few hours after the label's blogspot was put online in 2013. Previously called Batsaykhantuul, this project is not just one of Nuno Oliveira's alter egos but something between a science fiction character and an ancestral spirit condemned to roam the earth in an apparent human manifestation. His first record, Miesto ir Noras (2013), is a small collection of tracks composed with guitars, mandolins and other stringed instruments. His second release Sarari Gyara (2014), with only one track, already glimpsed a path through the psychedelic desert that would later define the sound of the project.
After a long pause, Batsaykhan finally came out of the desert wanderings to reveal a metamorphosis, now appearing as a trio. With the help of André Azevedo and Tito Silva, Nuno started working on a series of new compositions from the previous incarnation of the project and began to adapt them to the new lineup. The trio then began a process of refining the compositions and creating the sound for their debut album, using a selection of synthesizers, percussions, guitar and bass. They ended up settling in a quicksand terrain between a psychedelic forest, an ambient river and a desert that buried the guitars under its sands.


FD062 Batsaykhan

FD020 sarari gyara

FD001 miesto ir noras

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