João Sarnadas was born in Aveiro in 1991. In 2007 he released his first tracks on myspace, with his singer-songwriter moniker Coelho Radioactivo, a project that has since released three albums and some EPs and singles. He is and was a part of many projects spanning several genres, from Pop to Experimental, like Flamingos, his pop duo with Luís Severo, Well, an experimental duo with Inês Castanheira, and Montanha. He also participated in the short lived trio Xula Velhos and founded the groups Milteto and the tribute band José Pinhal Post-Mortem Experience. He is a part of the Favela Discos collective and one of the label’s managers, participating in the creation of original plays and site-specific concerts like “Desilusão Óptica” for Serralves or “2013: O Regresso” for Understage Rivoli. Recently he released The Hum and The Humm under his own name, Sarnadas, has done music for dance and theater, and, with Inês Castanheira, created the Sound Identity for “Batalha - Centro de Cinema”.


FD058 The Humm

FD057 The Hum




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