FD026 O Grande Serengeti (Live at BBC)
by Max Potion


1.O Grande Serengueti 13:17
2.Encontrar Água 14:04
3.O Pico da Estação Seca 15:52

The most well known piece from Max Potions’s subversion exercises of content is now available to everyone, although it always was. “O Grande Serengueti” (The Great Serengueti), presents itself divided in three tempos by logistic reasons, being originally a non-interrupt and continuous journey of pedagogical trance. The savage life, a metaphor for the subculture, drives the subject along Serengueti, without ever leaving the dance floor.

The Subversion of Conteúdo Exercises are sound collages and mixtures of popular culture. The final result separates itself from recycled material and transcends into a new work.

released December 29, 2015

Vocals by Eduardo Rêgo
Sound Editing by SIC
Set by Supernova
Directed by Max Potion
Artwork by Vasco da Ganza

- Opposite8 - Behind The Scene
- X-Dream - Our Own Happiness (Haldolium Remix)
- Captain Hook & Liquid Soul - Liquid Hook (Zentura Remix)
- E-Mov - Mystic
- Akoustik - Cyborgization
- E-Mov - Fairyland
- Elegy - Cosmic Portal
- Egorythmia - Beyond Gravity (Techyon Remix)
- Techyon Vs Soulearth - Pineal Gland

uncut: soundcloud.com/favela-discos/max-potion-o-grande-serengueti
diy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHqG4ikRB8