FD027 Coconut Sound System
by Coconut Sound System


1.COCONUT SOUND SYSTEM - Feiticeira do Táxi 02:38
2.KUTUKU SOUND SYSTEM - Rock Da Kasbah 02:02
3.BOCK66 SOUND SYSTEM - Black Jesus 02:01
4.SOLAR SOUND SYSTEM - Porc Électrique 01:44
5.ALOKO SOUND SYSTEM - Aloco Riddim 02:10
6.FOUFOU SOUND SYSTEM - Cocody Fm 02:04
7.PEANUT SOUND SYSTEM - Coconut Factory ft. Douda Mohamed Kone 02:06
9.DRY COCONUT SOUND SYSTEM - Casamento em Treichville 02:17
10.GANJA SOUND SYSTEM - Rotten Chich Kebab 01:46
11.PINEAPPLE SOUND SYSTEM - Xmas Riddim 02:44
12.BANANA SOUND SYSTEM - Banana Dub 02:28

COCONUT SOLAR SYSTEM was created in Ivory Coast, from a collaboration between Aceloria and DJ.V/A, and assumes various actions : - Construction of a solar soundsystem ; - Musical actions on the street ; - Actions in collective murals.
The record by FOUFOU SOUND SYSTEM takes us from the beach to the dance floor, encountering in the meanwhile a sorceress in a taxi and attending a wedding in Treichville. It was made in tree days from traffic jam soundscapes ; Samples from Coupé-Décale hits ; Singing from cults ; Aloko ; Sword Sellers ; Heavy Bass ; Stolen Guitars ; Percussions that are totally off. It also features Douda Mohamed Kone in "Coconut Factory".
The alternative creative process of the duo FRANGO ASSADO SOUND SYSTEM envolves cutting loops with katanas, while drinking coconuts in the beach.

released April 14, 2016

SEE / VER _ coconut.nofuture.biz
Aceloria & DJ V/A