FD029 Lana Del Reino De Deus
by Guadalupe Fiasco


1.Subo Subo 03:26
2.Brilliant Trees at Dawn 08:43
3.Just A Smile Of You 08:37
4.There Are Many Tears 05:39
5.Cuatro De Mayo 05:42
6.Casa Assombrada & Haunted House 09:58
7.Piano Bar 06:41
8.Canción Lenteca 05:09

Guadalupe Fiasco is a faceless author, sort of...
He prefers not to assume his identity, but he doesn’t quite know how to hide it, and it’s not that hard to find. He comes from Favela Discos, a Porto based experimental collective, where he now releases his first long-play, Lana Del Reino De Deus. The record, and all the concept around Fiasco, lives from the collage of elements many times opposite, with a focus around World Music, which is considered by the author to be all music that was ever made in Planet Earth (World).
For your listening pleasure, we are proud to announce “Lana Del Reino de Deus” the first, and maybe last, ethno-techno-vapour-wave album.

All tracks were produced, mixed and mastered
by Guadalupe Fiasco,
featuring lots of music stolen from the internet.
Info sheet included in free download.

released June 11, 2016