FD038 Somebody Cares Sometimes
by Drvg Cvltvre


1.Quit Living On Dreams 05:48
2.Everything Is A Weapon 06:23
3.Strangers Waiting 06:09
4.One Who Is Not A God 04:50
5.Precious Little Diamond 01:25

Drvg Cvltvre is a signature by Vincent Koreman. This multi-genre artist, born somewhere in punk electronics, makes himself curator of curators, releasing records in small independent labels of his choice, and releasing independent artist in his own New York Haunted label.
Somebody Cares Sometimes is the choice for Favela Discos. An experimental record of industrial electronic and machinery, a transe of raging poly-rhythms wrapped in untearable textures, finally collapsing of exhaustion.

"...“Everything Is A Weapon” renders in gunmetal grey the asymmetrical techno rhythms Shackleton used to specialise in, circled by distant synth melodies and cyborg crunches. “One Who Is Not A God” starts out quieter, with the thrumming rhythm pushed to the background while serrated chords blast out in front of the mix, themselves softening and falling away, until it builds into a much harder track." Dan Barrow, The Wire

released September 18, 2017

Vincent Koreman, producer
Das Monstrvm, cover art
Limited edition of 100 cassettes