FD040 Quasi Stellar Radio Source & Pulsating Star
by Psydermen


1.Quasi Stellar Radio Source 14:52
2.Pulsating Star 10:31

«" Could two persons, by invoking each other, transmit their thoughts, and thus correspond?" " Yes ; and this human telegraphy will some day be a universal means of correspondence."» A. Kardec

Psydermen's "Quasi Stellar Radio Source & Pulsating Star" are two parts of a progressive electronic rock composition from interstellar space, induced by astronomical radio signals and telecommunications received between 2013 and 2017.
released February 22, 2018

Psyderman is:

David: guitars, electric bass
Psyderman: keyboards, synths

Music by Psyderman
Mixed and Mastered by David Machine in 2017
Cover Art by Nuno O