FD043 Judas Triste
by Judas Triste


1.Evolução Acelerada 07:29
2.Besouro Mecânico 05:55
3.Torre dos Murmúrios 06:32
4.Máquina do Aborrecimento 09:54
5.Mutação Artificial 06:05
6.Chapeamento Craniano 09:03

Judas Triste is a metatechno band based in Porto, created by David Machado, Dora Vieira and Nuno Oliveira to announce a new era of darkness to planet Earth. Born in the shadows of Favela Discos, this prophetic trio of alchemist-musicians transfigures electricity operating an ensemble of electronic appliances and objects mechanically abused. Between explosive discharges of distortion and mysterious atmospheres, the ruthless art of Judas Triste is harsh, perverse and heavily based on improvisation. During the recording David’s home studio collapsed on itself.

released November 12, 2018

Judas Triste are David Machado, Dora Vieira, Nuno Oliveira
Master by João Sarnadas