FD045 Songs for Paula
by V/A


1.Tó Rebelo - cicau 06:53
2.M. Aviz - londres_3exp 03:48
3.Safira - 2pm 04:21
4.Matreco - atari pc 04:05
5.Marcel - 626_1 05:26
6.Marcel - de626_1 03:03
7.Sira - ursula 04:58
8.P. Cru - strain 03:49
9.Safira - 5pm 05:15
10.Marcel - k7loop626_audio2 04:18
11.Matreco - vamoslá2 03:56
12.Leote - spc ffx 03:37

"... if I was Paula and this was written for me I would be extremely happy" Independent Music Podcast #219

This album, apart from a tribute and a collection, is an account of a group of friends who met in the beginning of the 2000’s at parties organized by Paula, around outskirts, forests and abandoned buildings all throughout Portugal. Here is registered the sound of these parties, in the best way it was possible to record an entire atmosphere of complete friendship. All artists chose new heteronyms for this album, as it was customary in Paula’s parties. The musicians come from not only Porto and Lisboa but also from Viseu, Entroncamento, Leiria and Caminha.

“Hello Paula. Wherever you are, we hope you’re alright. You’re always with us and we love you very much. If you listen to these tracks, please come back.”

released March 25, 2019

Art by Inês Castanheira
Master by João Sarnadas