FD054 In Trux We Pux IV


1.Gustavo Costa & Diogo Jesus - Ludwig Van Kagel 06:00
2.David Machado & Nuno Pinto - Respiração Paradoxal 05:26
3.Jorge Queijo & Tiago Ângelo - Tardigrada 10:19
4.Dora Vieira & João Pais Filipe - Sem-Título 08:34
5.Angélica & Calhau! - Sem-Título 05:44
6.Filipe Felizardo & Nuno O - Trapézio 06:24

In Trux We Pux is a compilation conducted by Favela Discos, that seeks to register and expose a series of sound tendencies and collaborative practices that have been developing in the experimental music scene of Porto.

This volume presents a selection of musicians that work mainly with objects or acoustic instruments, prepared or processed, that were invited to collaborate and to produce a new track.

released March 15, 2021

This project was supported by the Porto City Hall as part of the artistic creation support program Criatório 2019