FD056 Alergia
by Lorr No


1.1 08:38
2.2 01:24
3.3 04:12
4.4 04:44
5.5 06:01

Alergia dives into a distinct dimension. A nostalgic riff infection, half comforting half unsettling, triggered by open melodies in joyful scales turned gloomy whenever.
After the promising Learning Exercises On How To Move On, as Mada Treku, and works with bands Fugly and, recently, Solar Corona, Nuno Loureiro hints back at a new solo endeavour with new moniker Lorr No. Alergia steps away from his mostly sample based previous work to a more focused output where the use of synthetic sounds make the same words sound different.

released August 31, 2020

Produced by Lorr No
Mastered by Rafael Silva
Ilustration by Vasco Lé
Design by Nuno Loureiro