FD057 The Hum
by Sarnadas


1.A1 Alves D Veiga Scene 22:00
2.A2 S Ildefonso Dirge 26:15
3.A3 Rua D Viseu Sequence 23:36
4.B1 Rua D Viseu Sequencee 11:05
5.B2 S Ildefonso Scene 20:20
6.B3 S Ildefonso Detail 09:24
7.B4 S Ildefonso Detaill 25:56


"...by juxtaposing these slabs of tone against sections of delicate and affecting movement - such as halfway through the 25 minute "S Ildefonso Detaill" when everything is stripped back to reveal a vulnerable solo note that dances around the core before the layers are returned - these little pockets of respite deliver an uncanny and unexpected emotive impact." Spencer Tomson, in The WIRE issue 441

The Hum is the debut opus of Sarnadas, a Portuguese transdisciplinary artist working sound, image, space and everything in between. The 4 hour-plus long album, set to be released in two parts, is a direct consequence of his work with the disruptive artistic collective Favela Discos. By suspending some protocols but, most importantly, by suspending time itself in a seamless never-ending loop of layered melodies, Sarnadas allows himself to focus on developing new possibilities with the manipulation of the context created, rather than relying on the false necessity of constant output.

Over the 15 pieces of deeply moving, bright, but calming music, Sarnadas waives off rigid musical structures to loop, overdub, and erect layers of synth phrases which relate to each other in the enclosed environment of The Hum. The Porto-based musician prompts his search for melodic opulence in the seemingly still soundscape of organic repetitiveness, where the encounter plays as big of a role as controlled randomness and the mismatch of melodies, sounds and textures. Sarnadas's approach to music writing allows details to be generated, rather than forced into music, creating a state of conscious lethargy where dreaming plays an active role on the outcome of sound.

Recorded live throughout two days, the two-part album is reflective of Sarnadas's need to suspend time and figure out a new pathos by allowing himself to work endlessly on the single output of choice: a three-oscillator homemade synth constructed by his long-time collaborator Inês Castanheira (Well). This simple instrument, paired with a mixer and pedalboard paraphernalia, freed him to work loops, textures, brightness and chance into a compelling design of organic and mutating spaces.

released September 30, 2020

Production, Mix, Master, Artwork by João Sarnadas