FD059 Antropomância
by Judas Triste


1.Antropomância 05:14
2.Corpo Aberto 05:26

Judas Triste is a Cult trio aborted by Favela Discos in 2016, that is offering their second Sacrificial editorial release, entitled "Antropomância" - an acient lost rite of divination through human entrails. This was materialized through a Blood Pact by Favela Discos and Love and Hate record labels.

Antropomância encapsulates two Bestial musical profanations named "Antropomância" and "Corpo Aberto", written and produced during Seven sessions of musical experimentation and technical violation. The cover was psychographed by the painter João Alves, and the Abject contains in its inside a 16 pages facsimile of Livro do Corpo Aberto.

released October 31, 2021

Music by
David Machado
Dora Vieira
Nuno Oliveira

Master: Pedro Augusto
Artwork: João Alves
Design: Rita Castilho

FD059 Favela Discos
LAH000 Love and Hate